More precision when fertilizing

With the new e-spreader, Kubota is able to take the spreading of mineral fertilizers to a new level. The hybrid fertilizer distributor combines mechanical and electrical energy, and ensures higher precision and optimised use of fertilizer:

  • Accurate spreading patterns
  • Up to 10% less fertilizer
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Clear environmental and cost advantages

More power for attachments

With the new e-power attachment, you can secure additional electrical power. So, you can finally exploit the full potential of your attachments. And the best thing is: The system can be simply mounted at the rear of the tractor. No tractor modifications are necessary.

  • Additional power (56 VDC)
  • Electrical power and tractive unit power
  • Complete use of ISOBUS
  • TIM (Tractor Implement Control) technology

Autonomously driven tractors

Autonomous driving is already possible with Kubota tractors today. Up to two Kubota tractors from current series can be controlled at the same time. The unmanned tractor is controlled via remote control, while the driver sits in the other autonomous tractor and keeps an eye on all functions in real time via monitor.

  • Mature, ready-to-use technology
  • Real-time control by monitor
  • Autonomous field process control
  • Efficient planning of application

One step ahead: The new M7002

With the new M7002, Kubota is now presenting the successor of the well-known M7001. With a capacity of up to 170 HP, the tractor is characterized by improved features and configuration options. In addition, it knows to impress with user-friendly operating functions and optimum traction.

  • New 6-speed Powershift transmission
  • Higher payload
  • Particularly efficient engines with 50 km/h top speed
  • Optimal traction
  • Improved joystick control
  • Larger storage for headland management HMS

A new technology standard: TIM for M7002

With the development of its own Tractor Implement Management (TIM) system, Kubota is setting new technology standards. The Kubota solution reduces the number of steps during baling and relieves the driver through extensive automation. The time and cost-saving system is available as standard in the new Kubota M7002 tractor.

  • Intelligent communication between tractor and attachment
  • Automated work steps
  • Relieves drivers, prevents errors
  • Requires Class 3 ISOBUS technology

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